We live in a fast-paced society that places a lot of demands on our time and energy. You don’t have to be in therapy or coaching sessions for months or years on end. Mary utilizes a straight-forward, affordable approach to help step-moms and step-couples quickly implement and experiment with simple solutions to complicated stepfamily issues in the shortest amount of time needed.

Mary uses the latest research on step families, tools, homework, and realistic guidance to help step-moms and step-couples make their new family’s transition as smooth as possible and keep their relationship intact.

Free 15-minute Consultation

This is a risk-free opportunity to talk to Mary about your specific stepfamily issue that’s keeping you stuck as a couple or at odds with your partner. You’ll get a clear sense of how quickly Mary works with a summary of the direction she sees for a future session (Duration 1-2 hours).

Straight-Talk Session

The Straight Talk session is anywhere from 2-4 hours in length. This can be done via Skype/Facetime or in-person in Mary’s Boulder office. After hearing the particular challenges you and/or your partner is facing, Mary will give you a frank and direct assessment of your situation with specific steps to take for the problems that are bringing you to this session. A 1-2 hour follow-up session within 2 weeks will be scheduled at the end of the session.

This is a great option for people who want to cut to the chase.

As-Needed Step Coaching Sessions:

These are 1.5-2 hour coaching sessions on an as-needed basis. Some of you may find that you only need 1-2 sessions to come up with new ways to function in your stepfamily. This is an open door policy.

6-Week Step-Couple Coaching Sessions:

6 weekly or bi-weekly 1.5 hour coaching sessions will be scheduled to get a thorough understanding of the many components to your step family including the exes and stepchildren. The 6-week session will consist of one individual session with you followed by your partner. The remaining four sessions will include both of you with the focus being on custom-tailored solutions to fit the exact needs of your couple relationship and step family.

6-Week Stepmom Coaching Sessions:

The focus of these coaching sessions is for those of you who are dating, partnered with or married to one with children, whether you have children yourselves or not. Research and clinical experience show the “stepmother” role to be the most difficult one in the step family system, especially if you are a childless/childfree woman. Solutions to your particular dilemmas with your partner and his kids, as well as any exes involved who may be contributing to the problems will be targeted. An emphasis will be made on providing the support needed for your often lonely and perplexing role.

Step-Kids Coaching Sessions:

These are 1.5 hour coaching sessions on an as needed basis with the stepchild/children. It is often helpful to get the stepkid’s side of the story. These sessions can be an adjunct to any of the coaching sessions selected.

1-2 Day Intensive Session:

This is for those of you who are at the end of your ropes and are ready to call it quits. There may be many complicating factors all conspiring to make it seem impossible to make your relationship work. These sessions are 6 hours in length and can be done in person or via Skype or FaceTime. More often than not, as bleak as your situation may be, there are often solutions that work you both have not thought of.

Text and Email Coaching:

This is an on-line coaching program where you will have access to Mary and be able to ask questions and/or describe dilemmas that you’d like immediate feedback on. Mary will respond to you within 24 hours. This would be an addition to any of the above services.