The Mission

To educate, normalize and offer realistic and no-nonsense solutions for the many complexities and challenges that stepcouples, especially stepmoms, face when combining nonbiological families.

Do you ever have
Questions like this?

  • What if I don’t like his kids?
  • What is my role as a stepparent?
  • Maybe it’s meant to be “Should I…?”
  • Am I a terrible person for dreading when his kids come to stay?
  • I feel torn between my children and my spouse.
  • I feel that nothing I do is ever good enough for my new partner or my kids.
  • How do we deal with the exes who try to interfere?
  • Do I have to try to co-parent with my ex when it’s not working?
  • As a stepparent, I’ve lost all sense of privacy. It feels like I live among spies.
  • Just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean I don’t have a valid opinion.

If you do, then you have
Come to the right place!

Whether you’re dating, living with, or married to someone with children (whether you have your own or not), being a part of a stepfamily can be tricky and challenging. You may be saying to yourself, “I never knew it would be this hard!” You are not alone. Trying to integrate a new family is complicated and tough for each family member. Stepfamilies are born out of loss and achieving a “blended” family is easier said than done.

Mary T. Kelly, M.A. has been working with stepfamilies for over 18 years and is devoted to helping you and your partner find the solutions that will work best for your situation.

Looking to learn more about Mary and her views on stepfamilies and relationships?
Mary is an active writer for respected outlets like The Huffington Post and Stepmom Magazine. See below for more information.

Huffington Post

Mary has been a regular contributor for The Huffington Post since 2013. She writes about step-family issues.

“Eyes Wide Open” Book

Mary’s is working on a book that will be a great guide to understanding the challenges many step-families face as well as specific solutions for them. The book will be available in 2017.

Stepmom Magazine

Mary is regularly featured in Stepmom Magazine, an online magazine for women in relationships that come with children as part of the equation.

How Mary Works

Mary, an expert in the field of stepfamilies, offers solutions that are based on the latest research and over 15 years of clinical experience.

Much like when you bring your car to the repair shop when you know something isn’t right, you expect the mechanic to diagnose the problem and present the fixes necessary to get your car back and running again. Mary works in a similar fashion in that she recognizes that you are looking for answers to problems you are experiencing in your step family. Her style is direct, frank, compassionate, educational and expedient.


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